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Summerland Branch

The Summerland Branch is actively engaged in researching the history of the community and creating an inventory of heritage buildings and sites. During Heritage Week in B.C. each year we collaborate with other organizations to identify and honour a heritage building, heritage site, and heritage tree. We offer walking tours of the community and of the cemetery.

Research & Activities

sod cabin
Sod roof cabin, Summerland
Preserve sod roof cabin

One of Summerland's important heritage buildings is the "sod roof cabin". This structure was built in 1886-1887. It is a registered heritage building. Efforts are in the works to move the structure to a new location for its protection.
Bank of Montreal in Summerland BC
Bank of Montreal, Summerland
Preserve Bank of Montreal

The Bank of Montreal building was sold to a successful pizza company two years ago. The new owners have made significant restorations to the 1917 building. Working with the District of Summerland has not always been easy. The latest challenge is removal of the perched sunroom. The adjacent road was a built in 1920. Actually the road encroaches on the building.

Board of Directors for 2024-2025

President: George Downton
Vice President: David Gregory
Secretary/Treasurer: David Gregory
Editor: David Gregory
Director: Dave Smith, Mary Trainer, Petra Holler