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Okanagan Historical Society Essay Contest

Aims / Goals To encourage the research and writing of Okanagan history by secondary and post secondary students.
Eligibility Students currently in Grades 9 to 12, or at any post secondary institution.
Prize a) $1000.00 (one thousand dollars).

b) Possible publication in Okanagan History, the annual publication of the Okanagan Historical Society.

General Criteria The essay must:

– Depict history which occurred in the geographic area encompassed by the Okanagan, Shuswap and Similkameen Valleys.

– Be suitable for publication in the Okanagan Historical Society’s Annual Report (Okanagan History book).

– Be submitted by email.

– Be minimum length of 1500 words to a maximum of 2500.

– Include a separate cover page which shows the student’s information.

– Student’s Information:

  • Student’s name and registration number.
  • Name of Institution.
  • Student’s telephone number and address.
  • Student’s E-mail address.
  • Title of essay.

Evaluation Criteria
The essay will be judged according to:

  • 1. Historical Information
    • The degree to which the writer has gathered accurate information in different ways; has insightfully selected essential information; and has interpreted or synthesized that information.
  • 2. Effective Communication
    • The quality of the historical content in that it effectively used rich, vivid detail in a style which engages and involves the reader.
    • The work is original, not cut-and-pasted from other sources.
  • 3. Conclusions
    • The conclusions the writer makes which reflect clear, logical links between the information and interpretations based on relevant evidence; the way the writer describes his/her own thinking about the historical content which demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the historical issue(s).
  • 4. Conventions of Writing
    • Demonstrated level of organization, correct sentence structure, usage, grammar, diction, mechanics, bibliography and references.
    • Use endnotes, not footnotes.
    • Send photos, if any, separately from text.

March 1st of each year.

Please submit Essay via email to:
Diane Ambil: hipnitch@shaw.ca

For questions, please call 250-832-8545