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Okanagan History is an annual report published by the Okanagan Historical Society and is generally available in the early fall. Okanagan History contains articles of historical interest on a variety of topics relating to the history of the Okanagan Valley. Included in the reports are biographies, stories, and essays accompanied by photographs and maps. Also included are a few reports by society members, the article written by the winner of the Student Essay contest, and a membership list.

You become a member of the Okanagan Historical Society by purchasing the most recent Okanagan History and returning the enclosed membership card to the treasurer.

Copies of the report can be found in local museums and bookstores in the Okanagan Valley and through members of the local branches. The report can also be obtained by contacting the treasurer of the society. The publication costs $25 Canadian plus $10 for shipping and handling when purchased through the treasurer. If you prefer, you may ask the treasurer to put your name on a subscription list to receive the book each year. It is mailed out every November and an invoice is included. Back issues of some of the past volumes can also be purchased from the treasurer.

In 2006 an online index database was developed for researchers to more easily access information in the reports. The Index to the Reports is updated every year following the release of a new report and can be accessed on this website. A printed Index to the Okanagan Historical Society Reports #1-81 (1924-2017) is now available from the treasurer. The Index is 8.5 x 11, 552 pages, 3-holed punched, shrink-wrapped. It costs $35 plus postage and handling (approximately $20).

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with The University of British Columbia Okanagan to bring the OHS reports online. The reports are now available on the B.C. Regional Digitized History website, beginning with the first issue in 1926, with a rolling wall embargo of five years.

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