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The Armstrong Enderby Branch of the Okanagan Historical Society was established in Armstrong in 1950. The branch holds its annual general meeting in Enderby in the spring and a general meeting in Armstrong in the fall. At both meetings we invite guest speakers to share their stories about people, places and events past and present.

The branch and its members work closely with the Armstrong Spallumcheen Museum & Archives and the Enderby & District Museum & Archives to record and preserve history, heritage buildings and historical documents. For over thirty-five years the Armstrong Enderby Branch has worked closely with the Spallumcheen Municipality to preserve and protect the Lansdowne Cemetery. The heritage cemetery, established in 1882, is located near the former townsite of Lansdowne southwest of Enderby in Spallumcheen.
Lansdowne Cemetery
Lansdowne Cemetery, 1999. Courtesy Carmen Kirkland
The Cairn in the Lansdowne Cemetery
The Cairn in the Lansdowne Cemetery. Courtesy Jessie Ann Gamble
The branch holds regular work bees to clean the site and the gravestones in the Lansdowne Cemetery. Members have planted trees, donated a picnic table and erected a chain-link fence around the site. In 2006 the branch completed a six-year research project and erected a cairn with plaques listing the names and dates of those interred at the heritage cemetery.
The Lansdowne Cemetery has historical significance because most of the early pioneers of Spallumcheen, Armstrong and Enderby are buried here, including Overlanders Catherine & Augustus Schubert and A.L. Fortune. Over the years branch members have participated in tours of the cemetery in partnership with the local museums.
Community residents enjoy a presentation and tour of Lansdowne Cemetery
Community residents enjoy a presentation and tour of Lansdowne Cemetery, 2017. Courtesy Enderby & District Museum
Alexander Leslie Fortune and his wife Bathia with a younger lady
standing in front of their home
Alexander Leslie Fortune and his wife Bathia with a younger lady standing in front of their home on Fortune Rd., Spallumcheen, 1911. Courtesy Enderby & District Museum
Copies of the most recent report can be purchased at the Armstrong Spallumcheen Museum and the Enderby & District Museum.





When: Sunday, Oct. 30 at 2 p.m.


Where: Armstrong-Spallumcheen Museum and Art Gallery

3415 Pleasant Valley Road, Armstrong


Topic: Enderby's A.L. Fortune School Fire of 1975.


Guest Speaker: Len Gamble, Principal at the time.


86th Annual Report will also be available.

Board of Directors for 2020-2021

President: Carmen Kirkland    250-545-8397
Vice President: Jessie Ann Gamble    250-546-9416
Secretary: Linda Samland    250-546-0073
Treasurer: Craig Mckechnie    250-546-3295
Past President: Don Moor
Directors: Bob Cowan, Joan Cowan, Peter Vander Sar, Greg Wiebe
Branch Editors: Jessie Ann Gamble    250-546-9416
Bob Cowan    250-838-5799