Okanagan Historical Society Publications

Every year, the Okanagan Historical Society publishes a 226-page annual report, a collection of stories and histories of Okanagan personalities, institutions and events. With the purchase of this report, you become a member of the Okanagan Historical Society.

The first Report of the Okanagan Historical Society was published in 1926.

The 80th Report is now available.  Included in this year’s publication are several articles including:

  • Featured Okanagan Artists;  Women’s Suffrage;
  • The White Lake Formation;  Organized Labour;
  • Inkameep Day School Art;  M.V. Pentowna;
  • Indigenous Non-indigenous Relations;  Larkin School House;
  • Penticton Indian Reserve #3;  R.D.O.S. – 50 – Years;
  • Kettle Valley Steam Railway Society;  Early Okanagan Pottery;
  • Large Family;  Okanagan Moose;
  • Common Good Co-op;  And much more…

Copies of the most recent Okanagan History Annual Report can be obtained for $25.00 CAN plus $5.00 shipping and handling costs from The Treasurer OHS, Box 313, Vernon, BC V1T 6M3, Back issues of some of the past volumes can also be purchased for $10.00 plus a $5.00 shipping and handling charge from the treasurer at above address. You may also ask the treasurer to put your name on a subscription list to receive the book each year. It is mailed out every November; the cost is $25 plus a $5 postage and handling fee. .

Copies are also available in museums and bookstores throughout the Okanagan Valley and from branch members. With the purchase of this volume, and the return of the membership registration card enclosed, your name will be placed on the list of members that will be found in next year’s publication.

Okanagan Historical Society - Index to Reports

A new and revised Index to the Okanagan Historical Society Reports,
covering the years 1924-2012, Reports No. 1-76, is now available.

The Index is 8 ½ x 11, 550 pages, 3-holed punched, shrink-wrapped.
It costs $20 plus postage and handling.

To order your copy, please contact:UBC

Bob Cowan, Treasurer
Okanagan Historical Society
P.O. Box 313
Vernon, B.C. V1T 6M3
250-838-9641The Jean Patricia Webber Trust sponsored the printing of the index, in memory of former editor Jean Webber.