79th Annual Report
The Okanagan Historical Society is one of the oldest societies in British Columbia dedicated to the preservation of local history. Incorporated in 1925, the society has published a book each year save during the Great Depression and World War II. The first volume was a mere thirty pages; the present volume is 226 pages. You become a member of the Okanagan Historical Society by purchasing the most recent annual publication.

The society is composed of branches that represent semi-autonomous organizations focused on their local communities from Osoyoos to Salmon Arm. These seven branches have at least two or three meetings each year and host lectures, picnics, tours, and banquets. They are involved in a variety of local history projects. Articles of historical importance to each branch are submitted to the branch editor who vets the essay and passes it onto the editor of Okanagan History. Each branch is represented on the Executive Council which meets in Kelowna three times a year.

The Annual General Meeting of the society rotates through each of the branches. Reports from annual general meetings can be found in the Report. For the most recent meeting, April 2015 held in Oliver, executive council reports can be found here.OHS Index


Upcoming Society Activities

Members and guests are welcome to attend the following upcoming events:Armstrong Blacksmith

  • Thursday, November 19. Shatford Centre, Penticton. How did it get that name?  People, places and points of interest.
  • Sunday, April 24, 2016, 10 am. Okanagan Historical Society AGM, Shatford Centre, Penticton.
    The winner of the 2015 student video contest is Matt Purdon for “The Armstrong Cheese Company.” The winner of the 2015 student essay contest is Brian Spanier for “The Davidson-Spanier Okanagan Succession.”

Okanagan Historical Society P.O. Box 313 Vernon, B.C. V1T6M3