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Index to OHS Annual Reports No. 1 - 78


Enter a keyword (or fragment) to search the OHS index.

Data retrieved by the search will indicate volume and page numbers of the Annual Reports in the Okanagan Historical Society (OHS), Okanagan History. For example, 31 : 44-61 indicates the citation will be found in Volume 31, on pages 44 to 61.

  • To access the index of only one volume (for possible printing) enter the volume number followed by a colon, for example 60:

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the University of British Columbia to bring the OHS reports online. The reports are now available in the UBC Library Digital Collection, beginning with the first issue in 1926, with a rolling wall embargo of five years.

A 550-page printed version of the Index to Reports No. 1-76 is available for $20 plus postage by contacting the treasurer of the Okanagan Historical Society.

Photocopies of specific articles or pages are available by request from the OHS Index Committee, in return for a donation to cover the postage and handling.

Complete collections of Okanagan History (the annual OHS Reports) can be found in the libraries of many public institutions, including Okanagan Regional Library, Okanagan College, University of British Columbia, Thompson Rivers University, Vancouver Public Library, Toronto Reference Library, Washington State University, Harvard University, Yale University, Allen County Public Library, and the Genealogical Society of Utah. Complete collections can also be found in many museums and archives in British Columbia.

The index on this website is updated following the publication of each report. The 2008 index project to edit and redevelop the index on this website was sponsored by the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan.

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